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Awww I love u Bill Nye

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Hello kitty couture

Hello kitty couture


Are these teletubbies?

Its so hypnotic!

Chumping at the bit

I think I have cabin fever after only like 7 hours inside. I hurt may ankle so I have been  hobbling about. Grrr, I can’t even revise without being in the library :( I guess I am not really a sit on my ass type of person. I have so much todo, I can’t be assed with this. Bring on motorised scooters, any old person want to lend my one. Time is money people :) Sorry stressed. So tomorrow I am going to make it to the library even it takes me all day to get there. I SHALL MAKE IT!….Mind over matter. 

That does not look like Alan Carr

That does not look like Alan Carr

Biology St Patricks Day song.

Its soo nerdy I love it

What do I want?

The simple answer is I have know idea. I thought I knew but doubts have surfaced. Hm should I settle for an easy life? But ya see I never pick the easy option, its not in me. I want the dream people!!!